Discover a new way to practice yoga. You'll connect to your mind and body in a unique way through the use of yoga props and skillfully breaking down poses.

These classes are designed to peak your curiosity and elicit joy. You'll also find several guided meditations, intended to soothe your soul on the most challenging days. No matter where you are in your yoga journey, starting out or a seasoned teacher, you'll find a home for your practice here.

Start Your Yoga Practice Here: Options

The All-Access Class Pass includes the entire class library with new recorded classes and tutorials uploaded each month.

You also gain free access to live yoga classes over zoom. ARJ Yoga Mondays 9:30AM ET

Chair Explorations Tuesdays 10AM ET

Joyful Joints Thursdays 10AM ET

The Ultimate Yoga Pass includes a private, 45-minute private lesson over Zoom, in addition to the what's offered in the All-Access Pass. You can explore refining your teaching, setting up your yoga business or deepening your personal practice.

Emails go out at the beginning of the month with live class links and info to sign up for the live options.

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Unique yoga and movement classes that teach you how to do yoga and inspire your own teaching.